RAMADAN online with zoom


This Ramadan is going to be different from all others. There will be no more gathering and breaking fast together with family and friends.
No more iftar dinners at our Cami, no more community gatherings. Our Cemiyet will always be here for our members.

May the holy month of Ramadan bring our community peace and many blessing as we maintain our unity and solidarity. We pray for the safety of our loved ones and the less fortunate.

So for this year, we will still try to stay together and connect with one another. Join our hoca daily for his daily prayers via ZOOM.

With your support, we plan to use your donations to help our brother and sisters living under distress in Crimea, especially kids without their fathers and the lonely elderly.

As with our sponsorship program of traditional iftar dinners, we ask that multiple friends and relatives sponsor a nightly Ramadan Discussion & Prayer program.  We recommend a donation of $500 per night.  While the imam will lead the program, you can have your child or yourself read a short prayer, after which the imam will finish with a unique adhan(ezan)  and the iftar dinner prayer.  You can provide the names of relatives who you’d liked mentioned at the end of the prayers.

Let’s make this a most memorable Ramadan, where we get closer to our families and do get intimate with our Quran and prayers since there  are less distractions from the outside.  And still make virtual connections with our friends and relatives, just like our usual iftar dinners

Ramazan sponsorship is $500. Kadir gecesi donations you can give whatever you can afford.

Donations for Ramazan and Kadir Gecesi can be paid with PayPal or
Mosque of the Crimean Turks
P.O. Box 280126, Brooklyn, NY 11228


Please select a date from the List below and e-mail us at [email protected] to reserve.

Your kind donations will help our organization through these difficult times.

We are also accepting Fitre/Zekat donations that will be used for the unfortunate who live in Crimea.