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Mosque of the Crimean Turks
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Architectural renderings for our Mosque and Dining Halls area after renovations.
Our Mosque

It is the first mosque that was created within the Turkic community in response to the needs of our members in 1977. When our elders needed a place to congregate for Friday or holiday prayers, they didn’t have anywhere to go. So our mosque was opened to address these needs as well as for the tradition of naming a baby, funerals and commemorative prayers, almost 43 years ago.

The mosque will provide assembly space for approximately 100 worshipers and can be expanded downstairs into the hall, to accommodate 200 more during highly attended services and events. The entire mosque will be accessible to all regardless of physical ability with the addition of an elevator.

Social Hall

The Crimean Association is your community. We come together in times of celebration and sadness throughout the life cycle. Our physical building must accommodate our needs at all of these times.

Social Hall – will be located on the first floor Easy access for Ramadan dinners and prayer events Flexible space with dance floor for celebration events such galas, holiday parties, cultural events, conferences, talent shows, weddings, and showers Kitchen – Newly designed to facilitate food preparation and maximize storage and counter space and continue to comply with municipal codes by adding sprinklers.

We are seeking a 5-year Pledge Commitment (includes the first Initial Donation Amount) to assist us in financing our building construction. By pledging a certain amount monthly, we can forecast our monthly contributions towards the payment for renovations.